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Tips for Growing Corn (Maize)

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Planting Instructions

Soil must be at least 65F for corn seeds to germinate but this is at the bottom end of the scale.  Optimal conditions are between 77F an 84F.  Be patient or you will waste a lot of seed!  Plant in full sun and keep it watered.  Corn is a wind-pollinated plant.  Plant in blocks several rows wide to ensure full ears.

Sow seeds about one-half to one inch deep. They can be planted in rows, three to four inches apart, in spaced twenty four to thirty inches between rows.  Thin to six to twelve inches apart.

I plant three to four seed in in the shape of a four inch triangle or square every foot.

Improving Your Odds

Starting seed in cell trays or small pots in the hothouse provides optimal germination conditions and therefore higher germination rates.  It also allows you to start seeds earlier than normal while waiting for the ground to warm up and dry out and become workable.  Another added benefit is that the stands are more evenly spaced and it eliminates the need to follow the old corn planting rhyme:

"One for the cutworm, one for the crow, one to rot, and one to grow"

Take care when removing the plants from the pots and transplanting into your garden.  The roots are a bit tender and they will be adversely affected by rough handling.

We began using this method when we started growing rare varieties and only had small samples of seeds to work with.  We needed to ensure the highest germination rates as possible - every seed had to count.  Mike's Great-uncle Art had been growing corn this way for many, many years with excellent success.  The pictures below show a typical grow-out (this one happened to be from 2004).

Planting Time Close up of corn plants in trays

Setting out plants - Row marked and one tray set out.  All supplies handy.  Tools, garden notebook, etc.

Closer view of the plants in cell trays and an empty tray.  Note plants in the ground.
Planted Bed of Corn
Finished corn rows.







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