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October 22, 2015 - - Fall Newsletter . . . and save money too! . . . See below for more information.

Fall 2015 Newsletter - Our Summer Vacation, News from the Farm, Educational Resources,, Promotional Offer

Hello Friends,

Looking over my notes, this is the first newsletter that I have produced in 2015 . . . and it is already the middle of October! It has been a busy year and I doubt that you have the time for me to thoroughly reminisce.  When you signed up for the newsletter, I told you that my impact on your email inbox would be minimal!

The growing season here in the Northern Willamette Valley of Oregon was unusually hot and dry, but pleasantly long.  For the most part, we had a great growing season and with the harvest about 95% complete, I have no real complaints. The extended summer-like weather has made our garden cleanup and winter preparation work really nice.  We are usually fighting cool, wet, muddy conditions doing this work so 2015 will be one to remember.

During the summer, we actually got away from the farm for a couple of short trips.  Most of them were seed related and tie into our work, but they were still fun.

Mother Earth News Fair - As we have been doing for several years now, we have staffed a booth at the West Coast edition of the Mother Earth News Fair during the first weekend of June. This year it was held in Albany, Oregon.

It was great to get face-to-face time with some of our supporters as well as having the opportunity to introduce our biodiversity preservation mission to new folks. If you attended, we hope that it was a rewarding weekend for you. If you didn't come to the Fair this year, we were told that it is going to be held in the same venue next year and hope to see you there.

We also attended the Seed Saver's Exchange Campout and Conference, visited a botanical garden in Vancouver, B.C., and stopped at the site of the earliest seed house in the Pacific Northwest.  You can read all about that (and see some photos) by visiting our blog (click here).

New Product Announcement

EarPeace HD Hearing Protection Earplugs were designed to protect musicians and their fans, but as a versatile and robust, universal fit hearing protection device, it can also be an important part of your everyday carry (EDC) gear.

In pocket or purse, EarPeace HD is a smart choice to have on hand when the unexpected need for hearing protection arises. There are many noise sources occurring in our everyday lives, especially farm and garden life, that are of comparable sound levels to concerts.

This is why our family carries these and we use them here at the Victory Seed Co. and are making them available to our gardening friends.

Turns down the volume in loud environments without distorting the sound.
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Thank you again and until next time,


Mike Dunton
Victory Seed Company

News from the Farm - Here is a quick listing of what has been going on around the farm and at Victory Seed Company since the last newsletter:

  • We have begun the annual process of working on the "New for 2016" variety page. We are very excited about all of the "new" (old) varieties that we will be offering for the 2016 gardening season. Some are old family heirlooms whose protection and public introduction are at the core of our organization's mission.

  • As part of our sustainable seed farm philosophy and efforts, the Victory Seed Company has chosen to spend a little more for our electricity in order to help support renewable energy projects in our region. The program is called "Green Power Oregon" and we subscribe to the "Green Source" program to power our personal life, farm and business with 98% of the energy being created from wind, 1% from geothermal and 1% from solar projects.

  • In the "we need your support to do this work" department, I would like to take a moment to do just that. I know that when it comes to garden seeds, there are nearly an unlimited number of suppliers out there from whom you can choose. And let's be honest, you only need so many seeds.

    I just would like to ask you to actually look beyond the fancy color catalogs and spectacularly coded websites and ask yourself a few questions about your supplier before you choose. . . Who are they owned by, in allegiance with or supplied by?  Where do they get all of this money to be so fancy?  Are they really doing anything socially responsible or are they simply selling seeds because they don't sell something else?  Is their address in a city or on an actual farm?

    If you have read our mission statement, you know that we are not like most seed "companies" that sell repackaged seeds purchased from mainstream seed industry sources simply to make money.  We are a family owned and operated organization that works to keep rare and threatened varieties available to home gardeners like you.  We actually do farm and raise seed and what we purchase, we do so from other privately owned seed farmers.  We are a very different from other seed companies in this way, hope that you will choose us as your garden seed source, and are thankful for your continued support.

Highlighting Educational Resources - Spending time at our online store (, I hope that you get the impression that we care about history, true research and documentation.  On the product pages, we share what we learn about the histories and pedigrees of the varieties that we offer. This is an ongoing effort and variety information is updated as it is discovered.  We also have created other, purely educational, websites that you may find of interest.

  • - Our gardening information website. Although it primarily hosts a ton of North American gardening information, I have started to assemble other country specific pages.  Check back from time to time.

  • is a pet project of mine that I don't get a lot of time to work on but one that I feel is very important.  This is a direct offshoot of the research work that we do as part of our seed variety preservation work.  Here you will find "The Seedsman Hall of Fame," various seed company histories, and the online version of the "Victory Horticultural Library."

All Things Plants - If you are a gardener, beginner or master, serious or casual, vegetable or ornamental, you really need to check out Dave Whitinger's complete gardening website appropriately entitled, "All Things Plants (ATP)."  Many of you will recognize Dave's name.  He is the creator of another gardening site but All Things Plants is truly his masterpiece.

Some of the site's highlights include:

  • Forums on nearly any gardening topic you can think of.

  • Articles written by Dave and ATP members.
  • Goodies is a section of the site where you can find garden planning resources, blogs, calendars, and more.
  • The Green Pages are a place where you can read and write about your positive experiences with garden related companies. On this subject, if you are inclined, please do share about us by clicking here.
  • Plant Databases, containing over 600,000 plants, are one of my favorite ATP resources. I have volunteered and am actively administering several.

  • Photos, over 250,000 of them, are linked to the databases and a great tool for helping to identify plants.
  • Raffles are part of the fun at ATP.
  • The ATP Podcast is a weekly audio program all about gardening, hosted by Dave and his wife Trish.

You might be asking yourself, "Why is the Victory Seed Company telling me about this?  What is their connection?  What are they getting out of this?"  In a nutshell, Dave and Trish are “good people,” with complimentary values to ours, and who also feel strongly about education, sharing information, and making the world a little better place.  I consider them friends, value the work that they are doing, and want to see them succeed.

Although there are other gardening sites on the internet, ATP eclipses them.  For me, the plant databases are what I am involved with and use the most.  Others find the forums a great resource for learning and sharing, building friendships, and creating communities.  But the single most important thing that you will notice, in contrast to most other public forums, is the atmosphere of niceness.  ATP seems to operate, quite successfully I might add, following the "Golden Rule."  That is, treat others how you want to be treated, and as my Grandmother used to say to us kids, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

So, “what does this all cost,” you might ask?  That is another wonderful thing about ATP . . . all of these resources are FREE If you are not yet a member of the All Things Plants website, use this link to join and I will send you some "acorns."  That statement will make more sense when you start exploring ATP. :)

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Please help us grow and DO forward this email offer to all of your gardening friends and family. Your word-of-mouth recommendations help promote our seed variety preservation work and is our primary form of advertising. Thank you!

Even if you don't need any more seeds, there are no cost ways that
you can continue to help throughout the year!

Although your orders are what keep the bills paid and directly support our seed variety preservation work, there are other ways that you can help us continue to increase the number of plant varieties we are protecting and grow the number of charitable organization we can help to support!

For example, if we are missing a picture of a variety that you grew using Victory Seeds®, you can make the site more useful to everyone by sharing pictures, your experiences and writing a review.  Reviewing a variety is simple.  Just revisit the variety's product page and look for the following link [ Review this item].

For more ideas on ways to help that not only don't cost you money but may even earn you store credit in the form of Victory Points™, visit our support opportunity page at  We really do appreciate you taking the time to do this and please, keep in mind that word-of-mouth recommendations are our primary source of advertising.

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