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July 9, 2016 - Mid-Summer Newsletter . . . save money too! . . . See below for more information.

Mid-Summer 2016 Victory Seeds® Newsletter - Planting A Fall Garden, July Garden Almanac, Promotional Offer

Hello Gardening Friends,

Here we are in the middle of summer, the Independence Day holiday is in the rearview mirror, and in North America the most active and exciting gardening month is here.

In July, we are reaping the rewards of our early spring efforts while at the same time, re-sowing succession crops and working on planning and planting our Fall gardens.

Planning and Planting A Fall Garden - Spring and Summer aren't the only seasons for growing your own fresh produce.  In most parts of the United States, you can start planting your fall crops this month.  And if you need seeds, check out the rare promotional opportunity below to save on your next purchase.

The discount offer detailed below is not just for the seeds you order.  It will be applied to your whole purchase whether you order seeds, hard goods or books.

What can I plant in July?  There is still plenty of time to sow a second planting of many of the shorter season vegetables.  It is also the time to plant all of those things that actually benefit and thrive in the cooler, wetter weather of fall.  Check out a more detailed list and instructions on our July Victory Gardening Almanac page.

I hope that your gardens are growing great, that you are enjoying lots of healthy, great produce, and that the weeds aren't winning their effort to take over.

Thank you again and until next time,


Mike Dunton
Victory Seed Company

New Product Announcement

EarPeace HD Hearing Protection Earplugs were designed to protect musicians and their fans, but as a versatile and robust, universal fit hearing protection device, it can also be an important part of your everyday carry (EDC) gear.

In pocket or purse, EarPeace HD is a smart choice to have on hand when the unexpected need for hearing protection arises. There are many noise sources occurring in our everyday lives, especially farm and garden life, that are of comparable sound levels to concerts.

This is why our family carries these and we use them here at the Victory Seed Co. and are making them available to our gardening friends.

Turns down the volume in loud environments without distorting the sound.
Includes everything seen here. Click image for more information.


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We need your support to do this work!  There is no getting around it. Your purchases are a vital part in the seed variety preservation work that we do. We are not independently wealthy, have no rich benefactors, no corporate connections, and no side jobs generating an income stream. And this is all by choice! We are 100% dedicated to our mission and sales are what keep these seeds available to gardeners.

I know that when it comes to seeds, there are nearly an unlimited number of suppliers out there from whom you can choose.  I would just ask you to do some quick research to try and find out where they get their seeds, are they really doing anything socially responsible or are they simply selling seeds because they don't sell something else?  Is their address in a city or on an actual farm?

If you read our mission statement, you know find that we are not like most seed "companies" that sell repackaged seeds that they purchase from the mainstream seed industry simply to make money.  We are a farm-based, family owned, independent, preservation organization that works to keep rare and threatened varieties available to home gardeners like you.

All of the seeds that we offer are open-pollinated, untreated, heritage, public domain or open-source* and as an early signer of the Safe Seed Pledge, we will never knowingly offer genetically-engineered, GMO seeds.

We actually do farm and raise seed and what we purchase, we do so from other privately owned seed farmers.  We are a very different from other seed companies in this way, hope that you will choose us as your garden seed source, and are thankful for your continued support.

All Things Plants Update - If you have read our mission and know anything about us here at the Victory Seed Company, we are strong supporters of farm-based, family owned and operated organizations. Last fall I told you about an awesome gardening related website created and managed by a friend of mine, Dave Whitinger, and his family. It happens to be run from their farm in Texas.

Since my last email, a very big and exciting change happened at . . . Dave has taken over and merged All Things Plants into the National Gardening Association!

For those of your that don't know, the National Gardening Association (NGA), founded in 1973, is the largest association of home, school, and community gardeners in the United States. Their mission is to, ". . . cultivate new gardeners and help flower and food growing enthusiasts become better gardeners." This is accomplished through the website, award-winning publications, and by partnering with other organizations to offer support for school gardening programs, research, and special grants for projects that unleash the power of gardening.

If you are a gardener, beginner or master, serious or casual, vegetable or ornamental, you really need to check out the National Gardening Association. Online membership is free (keep reading for a special offer . . .).

Some of the site's highlights include:

  • Forums on nearly any gardening topic you can think of.

  • Articles written by Dave and ATP members.
  • Goodies is a section of the site where you can find garden planning resources, blogs, calendars, and more.
  • The Green Pages are a place where you can read and write about your positive experiences with garden related companies. On this subject, if you are inclined, please do share about us by  clicking here.
  • Plant Databases, containing over 600,000 plants, are one of my favorite ATP resources. I have volunteered and am actively administering several.

  • Photos, over 250,000 of them, are linked to the databases and a great tool for helping to identify plants.
  • Raffles are part of the fun at ATP.
  • The ATP Podcast is a weekly audio program all about gardening, hosted by Dave and his wife Trish.

You might be asking yourself, "Why is the Victory Seed Company telling me about this?  What is their connection?  What are they getting out of this?"  In a nutshell, Dave and Trish are "good people," with complimentary values to our own, and who also feel strongly about education, sharing information, and making the world a little better place.  I consider them friends, value the work that they are doing, and want to see them succeed.

Although there are other gardening sites on the internet, NGA eclipses them. For me, the plant databases are what I am involved with and use the most. Others find the forums a great resource for learning and sharing, building friendships, and creating communities.  But the single most important thing that you will notice, in contrast to most other public forums, is the atmosphere of niceness. NGA seems to operate, quite successfully I might add, following the "Golden Rule."  That is, treat others how you want to be treated, and as my Grandmother used to say to us kids, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

So, “what does this all cost,” you might ask?  That is another wonderful thing about NGA . . . all of these resources are FREE!  If you are a member of All Things Plants, you are already an NGA member. If you are not yet a member of the National Gardening Association, use this link to join and I will send you some "acorns."  That statement will make more sense when you start exploring ATP. :)

Current Promotional Opportunity

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that raising seeds by hand is an expensive proposition. It requires a motivated, engaged, skilled labor force. We work hard at providing year-round work for our trained staff and are happy that we have experienced very little turn-over throughout the years. As a matter of fact, the crew that raises seed is the same crew that fills your orders every year!

As you may already know, we also work very hard at controlling our overhead, keeping our margins tight, and our prices low.  But since all of the seed "production" work happens during our "lean sales season" of summer and fall, it is time to get creative and hopefully stimulate some orders. :)

What this means for you is a rare discount opportunity with very few restrictions.

Do you need seeds for your fall or winter garden? Are you planning on sowing cover crops? Looking for other things like tools, soil testers or books? Want to get an early start on your holiday shopping? Everything on the site is being offered at a 10% discount!

Enter summer10off to earn 10% off of your next order.  For instructions on how to use the coupon code, click here.

This offer is limited to stock on hand, not available for purchasing gift certificates, expires at midnight PST on August 15, 2016 and cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers.

Please help us generate support and please DO forward this email offer to all of your gardening friends and family. Your word-of-mouth recommendations help promote our seed variety preservation work and is our primary form of advertising. Thank you!

Even if you don't need any more seeds, there are no cost ways that
you can continue to help throughout the year!

Although your orders are what keep the bills paid and directly support our seed variety preservation work, there are other ways that you can help us continue to increase the number of plant varieties we are protecting and grow the number of charitable organizations we can help to support!

For example, if we are missing a picture of a variety that you grew using Victory Seeds®, you can make the site more useful to everyone by sharing pictures, your experiences and writing a review.  Reviewing a variety is simple.  Just revisit the variety's product page and look for the following link [ Review this item].

For more ideas on ways to help that not only don't cost you money but may even earn you store credit in the form of Victory Points™, visit our support opportunity page at  We really do appreciate you taking the time to do this and please, keep in mind that word-of-mouth recommendations are our primary source of advertising.

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