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June, 2011 - This page is posted here as a historical reference.
Still time to plant summer veggies . . . and save 10% too!
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Late Spring Newsletter - Father's Day, CNG Seeds, Summer Gardening, National Candy Month, National Pollinator Week, Promotional Offer

Hello Friends,

I trust that your spring gardens are well under way and that the weather has turned nice enough for you to spend time enjoying the outdoors.  Gardening is a great way to personally interact with nature.

Gardening is an awesome endeavor from so many perspectives.  Along with its ability to reconnect us with our collective agrarian past, it is an activity that gets us outside, keeps us moving, improves our health, lifts our spirits, and provides us with healthy, as well as tasty fuel for our bodies.  It is the ultimate means by which we can know absolutely what it is that we are eating and to personally control at least part of our own food supply.  That is empowering!

From a financial perspective, there exist few (if any) investment opportunities out there with a greater return on investment.  By raising a garden, you are not only reducing your monthly food budget, but the potential is there to "earn" hundreds, if not thousands of dollars from a relatively small outlay.

You can further increase your return by preserving part of your fresh harvests for fall and winter consumption.  Depending on the vegetable and their intended use, freezing, canning, or using a food dehydrator are all options.  Additionally, you squeeze even more savings out of your efforts by learning to raise and save your own seeds.

Gardening Success to You,


Mike Dunton
Victory Seed Company

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Father's Day is going to be here soon . . . Sunday, June 19th to be exact.  For last minute gifts for the Dad's on your list, we offer heirloom seeds, nostalgic candy, books, hats, and even gift certificates that can be redeemed for anything we offer.

June 20-26, 2011, is the 5th annual National Pollinator Week.  As many of you already know, the number pollinator animals worldwide is in decline.  This is a very frightening thing to contemplate.  These insects, birds, bats, etc. are all specialized and have a symbiotic relationship with the sexual reproductive cycles of most of the plant life on the planet.  Nearly all of the food that we eat rely on the work that they do.  If they are lost, we will not be too far behind them.

In an effort to raise awareness to this issue, the U.S. Department of Agriculture proposed, and the U.S. Senate approved, the last week of June as National Pollinator Week.  The declaration of National Pollinator Week was brought about largely through the efforts of the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC).  You do not have to manage a lot of acreage to make a difference.  All of us home gardeners can help create safe and healthy habitat by setting aside portions of our yards for the purpose.  Click here to read more about our pollinator flower seed mix.

On a lighter note, June is National Candy Month - Although everyday is a holiday when you have candy, June is actually designated as National Candy Month.  I am not making this up.

You might ask why we started offering candy you ate as a kid?  Here is the short answer.  I grew up budgeting part of my allowance on treats at the local variety shop.  Although many of my old favorites are gone, I love how the ones that we can still get bring back such powerful and vivid memories.

As we were developing strategies for making our organization financially sustainable, I thought of adding a few old-time favorites to our offerings and the classic candy store idea was born.  As an heirloom seed organization, we thought it only proper to offer "heirloom" candy.  While you can find the modern brands at your local store, the candy and gum treats that we offer are nostalgic, classic and sometimes regional which often makes them more difficult to find.

Candy sales directly support our seed variety preservation work throughout the year.  This is especially helpful during the gardening months when seed sales are naturally slow.  Additionally, by purchasing these old candy and gum brands, you are creating demand which helps to keep them available.  Check out our candy line and save 10% by using the promotional code below.

NOTE: After a decade of providing classic, nostalgic and regional confections to our supporters, we closed up the candy store in 2013. Naturally Grown (CNG) Seeds - For those of you who are not familiar with CNG, it is an alternative eco-labeling program that is built upon the USDA Organic methods but structured in such a way as to be feasible to smaller, diverse growers such as ourselves.  The standards we adhere to are no less strict and as a matter of fact, by the very structure of CNG, much more accessible and transparent to our customers.  For more information about CNG’s history, click here.  Our farm’s CNG page can be found by clicking this link.  For a growing list of seed that we offer as certified, please click here.

What can I plant in June?  The short answer is just about everything that does not require starting indoors.  June is the month that gardening kicks into high gear.  Of course your location will ultimately determine your choices, but you still have all of the summer and the first part of the fall months ahead of you.  Go for it.  Experiment.  Keep a detailed gardening journal noting the daily weather, when things are planted, when they sprout, when you harvest, etc.  It will become your most valuable gardening tool for future planning.  Click here for our June Victory Gardening Almanac page.

Current Promotional Opportunity

Enter spring10off to earn 10% off of your next order.  For instructions on how to use the coupon code, Click here.  This offer expires at midnight PST on June 30, 2011.

Please DO forward this email offer to all of your gardening friends and family.  Your word-of-mouth recommendations help promote our seed variety preservation work and are our primary form of advertising. Thank you!

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